Vedaa  Public School’s academic ethos focuses on encouraging the students to utilize their talents, and develop their intellectual and creative interests so that they remain interesting and interested young souls for the rest of their professional and personal lives.
The students need to understand their own culture and history, as well as their own geographical, scientific and spiritual theory and language. The school’s academic environment is constructed such that the students are able to develop their knowledge and interest in these areas in an international context and around the global world in which they are born and will live.

Students at Vedaa Public School are:

  • expected to be independent thinkers
  • develop first-class critical reading, writing and analysis skills
  • learn to understand the value of research across all areas of the curriculum, and
  • be self-motivated and self-driven through a genuine love of the subject and not only by intrinsic rewards.

Our school follows the Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum for the courses of study and strictly observes the guidelines issued by the respective authorities.

Students are grouped according to Faculties that work across curricula and integrate their teaching-learning process.

  • Pre-School and Pre Primary Years
  • Primary Years – classes 1 to 5
  • Middle School Years – classes 6 to 8
  • Senior School Years – classes 9 to 10 (Central Board for Secondary Education)